Silvermine Academy is an independent high school in Cape Town, South Africa. It is an inclusive school offering extended opportunities for students who learn at a fast pace and interventions for those who need it.


At the heart of living, is our desire to be connected. In a relationship-based school, students are bigger than the challenge. Every learner in our school is unique. And although they learn to operate as a group, class or sporting house - their individuality remains a priority.

Relationships make us feel safe. Every structure in the school is designed to make students feel part of the family. Learners need to be in relationship with their teachers and peers.


The limbic brain manages our emotions. Data has to pass through the emotional brain to access the pre-frontal cortex. If the emotional brain doesn't feel a sense of belonging, learning can't take place.

A full-time Counsellor is available to assist students in processing trauma and events. We are great believers in the power of talking.


Once a student feels safe and worthy, the learning must be meaningful and relevant. Gone are the days of teach, test and hope for the best. The 21st century requires critical thinking, problem solving, staying cool under pressure, collaborating with others, and facilitating change.

Silvermine Academy is world-renowned for its innovative approach to teaching and learning. We make use of modern technology and innovative curriculum design to deliver education that's relevant for today, and tomorrow.


Sport and play is an important part of day-to-day life at our school. We offer a vast range of sporting activities.

Silvermine Academy is the academic home of the Ubuntu Soccer Academy.

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